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Tibetan Oracle
Yidam The Mirror of the Mind

Yidam is an innovative Tibetan Buddhist card reading. 'Yidam' is the Tibetan word for ‘meditation deity’, a visual support for tantric meditation. This is a Buddhist oracle with tarot-like cards, which uses Tibetan Tantric Deities as images instead of the conventional archetypes. There are endless possibilities to the consultation, including very specific questions associated with the 5 Dhyani Buddhas and for which one uses only the 15 Dhyani Buddha cards. Consultations can be about past present and future (projection of karma) on a spiritual level, like personal development and emotions, but also on an external level: work, health, family, relationships and projects. These consultations are extremely useful and accurate to help you choose between two or more options and make important decisions.The cards presented as advice offer simple practices from Tibetan Buddhism that you can do without having necessarily received an initiation. Just think of a tarot reading but empowered by the Yidams and with a practical Buddhist approach. These consultations can be of great support to practitioners but also to non-Buddhist who wish a new and highly beneficial insight into their own mind-life reality.


Where does it come from?


Yidam is a collection of 40 popular millenary Tibetan Tantric Deities that are lineage-wise neutral or that are commonly practiced by two or more of the four lineages of Tibet (Nyingma, Shakya, Kagyu, Gelug). Each card has a specific function inside the oracle and the cards can be read on many levels, from practical to mystical. The selection and the written contents of the guidebook were made at the beginning of 2013 by the author (Kunsang – Jakaira Perez) in collaboration with Condor Blanco Foundation from Chile, who looked after the graphic part.



How to arrange a reading?


The reading can be done online or in person (in Gran Canaria only). The price of a private consultation of approximately one hour is €40. Dharma Centers and other institutions can organise visits for a few days and schedule a minimum of 3 consultations per day. The income from these consultations is shared between the Centre and Proyecto Despertar and the cost can vary. This is a good way to generate extra income for Buddhist centres.

To book a session or to organize a reading event contact us!



٭ Readings are available in English, Spanish and Italian٭

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